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APPEL Program

Jordan School District's APPEL Program

Routes to Licensure

University Programs Jordan School District's APPEL program requirements:

Many Utah College/Universities offer programs that lead to a Master's degree with Professional Educator Licensure.  Each school has different requirements to enroll and some only offer certain endorsement areas.  Below are links to some of the programs available.

University of Utah
Utah State University
Westminster College
Western Governors University
  • You must have an Associate Educator License awarded by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE)
  • Have been offered and accepted a teaching position with Jordan School District
  • Currently not enrolled in a University Program that leads to Utah Educator License

Step 1: Apply for Associate Educator License with USBE: Click Here

Step 2: Apply for positions at JSD: Click Here

Step 3: Be hired by JSD and enroll in APPEL program by attending New Hire Onboarding appointment

Step 4: Complete all USBE Licensing Requirements

Pros/Cons Pros/Cons


  • Receive a Master's Degree with your Professional Educator License
  • May be eligible for level increase on salary schedule once Master's Degree is awarded (see DP309 NEG – Salary Guidelines)
  • Program progress will be recognized and accepted by all Utah school districts.


  • Initial cost is higher for Master's program
  • Acceptance to College/University required


  • Initial cost is lower due to less credits required for licensure
  • May be eligible for level increase on salary schedule for additional credits (average of 20 credits) once License is awarded.  (see DP309 NEG – Salary Guidelines)


  • USBE licensure requirements through APPEL may change at any time
  • Program progress may not be recognized by another school district or state.  This may require educators to re-do requirements in order to earn their Professional License through another LEA's licensure program.
  • Does not lead to University degree.

Contact the HR Licensing Specialists in HR for more information about the APPEL ProgramDownload the APPEL program brochure below.

Download Brochure: Alternate Pathway to Professional Educator License (APPEL)

SLCC Pedagogy Courses

SUU Pedagogy Courses

For information on USBE's Special Education APPEL Program, click here.
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