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Volunteers & Coaches


If you are interested in volunteering in one of Jordan School District’s schools, you may reach out to their front office to express your interest. All volunteers who have "significant unsupervised access" to children, as determined by the school principal, must do the following steps BEFORE THEY VOLUNTEER:

  • Complete the Volunteer Application and turn it in to the main office at the school for the Principal signature.
  • Schedule an appointment - Once the principal has reviewed and signed your application, the school will provide you a link to schedule the fingerprint/background check (at no cost).
    • Bring a state issued ID and your completed volunteer application, signed by the school administrator, to the Human Resource Department for your scheduled appointment. A new application must be completed annually.
  • As required by the Utah Legislature in 2019, volunteers must also take the "Code of Conduct" training, sign an acknowledgement form and return that form to the School before visiting HR to complete the background check.  See the links below for the training and signature form.
    Code of Conduct Video
    Código de Conducta Video
    Code of Conduct Signature Form


Anyone interested in being an assistant coach must first complete an online application. Applicants must select which sport/activity(s) they are interested in coaching and which school(s) they would like to work at.

When a position becomes available, the school administration will view online applications, conduct interviews, and select the candidate that most closely meets their staffing needs.
If an applicant is selected to be an assistant coach, they must attend an Onboarding Appointment. All new employee paperwork will be completed online through Skyward Employee Access.  An applicant must pay $34, complete and pass a background check. Once all information is complete the school will be notified if/when the coach is eligible to begin working.