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Application Process for Administrators

The Jordan School District continues to seek qualified instructional leaders to serve as School Administrators.  The following hiring practices for School Administrators will be followed:
The District Administration will make administrative considerations in the following order:

  1. INTERNAL lateral transfer (Consider the transfer of a principal or assistant principal from one school to another as openings are determined.)
  2. INTERNAL promotion (Consider the promotion of an assistant principal to a principal assignment.)
  3. Out –Of-District / Administrative Pool Candidate (Consider an Administrative Pool Candidate for an administrative assignment.)

Internal Lateral Transfer or Promotion
Current School Administrators will be considered for administrative openings; however, are also encouraged to discuss their career goals with their Administrator of Schools.
New Applicants
Minimum Qualifications

  • A licensed educator with five years of educational experience and a current administrative license; or
  • A licensed educator with five years of educational experience without a current administrative license; however, is able to provide a letter to the Human Resource Department from their University advisor stating the applicant will complete the administrative endorsement requirements by August of the following year; or
  • A former school administrator with a current administrative license; or
  • An Administrative Pool Candidate (two years maximum, then must reapply)


  • Complete an online Administrator application.
  • Applications will be accepted through an on-line application process.  Applicants will be asked to prioritize their level of preference i.e. elementary, secondary, etc.
  • Applications will be screened using a screening rubric.
  • Once the applicant has completed and submitted the entire application, he/she will receive a confirmation email.


  • Applicants will be notified via email, as to whether or not they have made the Administrative Candidate Pool.
  • Candidates selected for the Administrative Pool will remain in the Pool for a maximum of two years.
  • After two years, Administrative Pool Candidates must reapply.

Internal Lateral Transfers or Promotions
Consideration of a lateral transfer or promotion for any school administrator position may or may not require an interview.
Administrative Pool Candidates
All Administrative Pool Candidates will be invited for a “get to know you” interview following the application process.  Administrative Pool Candidates may also expect to receive a second interview when being considered for an administrative position.