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Administrative Internship – Unpaid Guidelines

Administrative Process:



The Jordan School District has a process for assistant principals to apply and be considered for a principalship.


  • Current JSD administrators remain eligible for principal assignment consideration after interviewing with Cabinet.
  • Annual applications are typically opened in September.
  • An optional interview will be available every four years for current administrators in the district.
  • Annual interviews are typically held in October.
  • Selecting a preference for a principal assignment in an elementary, middle, high or special education area is required.
  • The link for current JSD administrators who meet the criteria above are directed to the Frontline application at the following link:



  • NEW APPLICANTS – If you meet the following qualifications prior to the start of the next school year, complete STEP 1 below:

- have completed 5 years’ experience in education

- will hold a current administrative license/endorsement by August 1

You will be considered for an interview after completing an Administrative application and once known administrative vacancies are identified by Cabinet.


The administrator application will remain active throughout the entire school year.

  • Provide the following required 3 references, which must meet the following criteria:
  1. Current Supervisor
  2. 2nd current or previous supervisor
  3. Your choice of administrator or colleague

Each of your references will receive an email from requesting for them to complete our Administrative Reference Form in your behalf. It is important that you personally notify your references to complete and submit the Administrative Refence Form ASAP.

  • Prepare a video, no longer than 3 minutes of yourself describing how your skills, knowledge, and experience make you the best administrative candidate. Include a link in your application attachment page to a Google drive or YouTube video.

Following STEP 1 of the application process, applicants will receive an email notification indicating whether or not they will move to STEP 2 of the administrative pool application process. Anyone not moving to STEP 2 may reapply during the next school year. See details of STEP 2 below.



  • Administrative Pool applicants who receive an email notification indicating they are moving forward to STEP 2 will be invited to a half day interview in either November, January or March. This is a mandatory, in person interview with the Administrative Cabinet. These interviews will be held on a Monday or Friday to accommodate travel plans for our out of state applicants.
  • Current full time, paid Jordan School District administrative interns will enter the Administrative Pool application process at this step and will be required to participate in STEP 2 of this process.

Following STEP 2 of the application process, applicants will receive an email notification indicating whether or not they are accepted into the Administrative Pool. Those applicants who receive an acceptance notification may be invited to participate in STEP 3 at any time while in the pool. Accepted applicants will remain in the Administrative Pool for two-years and then must reapply.



Administrative Pool applicants who have advanced to this point will be scheduled for a 20-minute situational presentation based on a specific topic determined by the Administrative Cabinet. At the discretion of the Administrative Cabinet, STEP 3 may be completed in person or virtual.

Following STEP 3 of the application process, accepted applicants will remain in the Administrative Pool for two-years and then must reapply.



  • Educators desiring an administrative internship placement must complete an online application in Frontline:
  • The Human Resources Administrator, in collaboration with the school principal will make all administrative internship placements. Administrative Internship Placements are not to be made by the prospective intern.
  • The Human Resources Department will notify the prospective intern via email, with an APPROVED Administrative Intern placement assignment. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to contact the principal they are assigned to organize a schedule for these unpaid internship hours and or competencies.


  • Unpaid Administrative internship hours must be completed “off contract time or outside regular school assignments”.
  • Unpaid Administrative internships should broaden an intern’s administrative experience; therefore, placement at their current school location are highly unlikely.


  • Before being assigned an administrative internship in JSD, all out of district administrative internship applicants must complete a BCI background check, which will allow JSD to receive their BCI report.
  • Fingerprinting is available by appointment only. The scheduling link will be provided via email after your application is submitted. There is currently no cost for a background check and you will be required to show a Government issued photo ID at the appointment.



Jordan School District also offers paid Administrative Internships. These internships are for educators currently in or recently completed a leadership university/college program. There positions are paid on the Teacher Salary Schedule:

  • Educators desiring a full-time paid administrative internship placement must complete an online application on Frontline:
  • Application is open annually in January through February each school year.
  • Applicants will be interviewed and selected annually for the upcoming school year.
  • Assignments are for 1-year only, with no guarantee of a permanent administrative position.
  • Internal applicants, if selected, will be treated as an employee on a leave of absence for that school year. Internal applicants chosen as an intern will have the right to return to a comparable licensed position at the end of the internship assignment.


  • Be enrolled in a university administrative/leadership program, OR
  • Have a current in state or out-of-state administrative license, OR
  • Be in the JSD Administrative Pool