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The official District resignation/retirement notification form is found in Skyward Employee Access under Task Processes.

Resignation Tutorial

If you do not know your Skyward username or password please contact the Help Desk at 801.567.8737.

Early Resignation Incentive - Licensed Contracted Employees

Please see District policy DP318 for more detailed information regarding resignations.

Employees resigning/retiring at the end of the current contract year that give official early notification of resignation/retirement, will be eligible for a tiered incentive. To qualify, notification must be submitted online on or before the following dates:

  • December 15 ($500.00)
  • January 15 ($300.00)
  • February 15 ($200.00)

The incentive will be paid on the last regular paycheck. Notifications of resignation/retirement received after the dates listed above will not qualify for an incentive.