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Those on the Pathway to Teaching

A student teacher works with a studentIntentional placements, thoughtfully made by JSD Administrators provide our Student Teachers with customized support from amazing Mentor Teachers to help make the most of your experience with JSD. We love our student teachers!  - Nick Hansen, Principal-Golden Fields Elementary

The following guidelines are established for school administrators and university students seeking a student teaching or a classroom observation (practicum) experience:
Student Teachers - Placements are requested through the Human Resource department by a university advisor. An HR administrator will work with school administrators to identify ideal placements with a willing and able career teacher to serve as the mentor teacher. Student teachers will have completed a background check prior to beginning their 2-3 month experience. Mentor teacher requirements: be non-provisional; be willing to complete evaluations and work with university advisors for observations; instruct, model, and mentor the student teacher regarding professionalism and best practices.
University/Practicum Students - University students seeking a practicum or short-term classroom observation experience must provide a letter to the local school administration from the university advisor validating any requests. Practicum students are welcome to work directly with school administrators from locations of interest to seek approval for the experience and to discuss schedule details. These arrangements are short-term in nature, typically 2-4 weeks. Practicum students observing classrooms are to be supervised at all times.