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No Pay Days (15 days in 3 years)

In the event that an employee has a serious or compelling need for a leave of absence, a request may be made in writing to both the school and the Area Administrator. This request must be made and approved prior to leave being taken. After due consideration, the request will either be granted or denied. Employees shall not be granted more than fifteen (15) days leave of absence under this policy in any three-year period. Leaves of absence granted under this policy shall be without pay.

Licensed Educational Support Professional
Leave of Absence (Personal-15 Days) - Licensed DP337 NEG Leave of Absence (Personal-15 Days) - ESP DP337B NEG
Request for Leave of Absence (Personal-No Pay) Request for Leave of Absence (Personal-No Pay)
Skyward Employee Access Time Entry Tutorial Skyward Employee Access Time Entry Tutorial
Frontline (AESOP) Entry Tutorial
Long-Term Substitute Request Tutorial (10 + days)
  • As per policy, requests for no pay days must be pre-approved by your principal/director and the appropriate Area Administrator of Schools.
  • No Pay Days are deducted from your contract at your full daily rate, per day.
  • A maximum of 15 no pay days are allowed in any three (3) year period.
  • *The medical certification and return to work release will be emailed to you after you complete the FMLA Leave Notice in Skyward Employee Access.*
The information above is intended as a resource for your review. The HR Generalist is dedicated to assisting with FMLA and other leave questions. Please contact Rebecca Eastman at (801) 567-8249 or email her at with any questions or concerns.