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Leaves of Absence (1 year) – Licensed

The Board recognizes that there are times when an employee could benefit from a one year leave of absence. If the Board authorizes a one year leave of absence for the contact year, this leave could be used for any purpose which is substantially different from the employee's current job assignment or duties, but may not be used to enable an employee to take similar employment with another district, company, organization, etc., within the State of Utah. A Leave of Absence (One Year) cannot include more than one academic year.

All Licensed Employees
Leave of Absence (1 Year)-Licensed DP336 NEG
Leave of Absence Request Tutorial
Quick Reference Comparison: FMLA, ADA and Leave of Absence (LOA)
Applications for Sabbatical and Educational Leave are due to the Local Professional Improvement Committee (LPIC) by February 1st for the following academic year.
(Send to Amanda Hansen in the Curriculum Department)
Sabbatical Leave- Licensed Only DP333 NEG
Application for Sabbatical Leave
Education Leave- Licensed Only  DP332 NEG
Application for Educational Leave
Questions regarding Sabbatical or Educational Leave should be directed to the HR Licensed Administrator or the Local Professional Improvement Committee (LPIC). (i.e. Amanda Hansen in the Curriculum Department)
The information above is intended as a resource for your review. The HR Generalist is dedicated to assisting with FMLA and other leave questions. Please contact Jane Olsen at (801) 567-8249 or email her at with any questions or concerns.