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Highly Qualified

Highly Qualified
To comply with "No Child Left Behind" regulation, to be designated as a "Highly Qualified" non-licensed support professional, you must meet one of the following requirements:

 Option A: Complete an Associate’s (or higher) degree from an accredited college/university.
 Option B: Complete two years (48 semester hours) of study from an accredited college/university.
 Option C: Meet a rigorous standard of quality and be able to demonstrate, through a formal State or local academic assessment (the ParaPro Assessment), knowledge of and the ability to assist in instructing reading, writing and mathematics.
 Option D: A current or previous licensed teacher. A copy of the licensure form must be attached.

Non-licensed employees working in a classroom setting in any Title I school are required to be Highly Qualified.

Part time classified assistants in the following titles may be eligible for a higher lane (Classroom Assistants, Media Assistants, Special Education Instructional Assistants). Submit the form below, along with your transcripts, diploma or ParaPro Assessment to Human Resources for review.