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Alternate Leave

Each eligible licensed employee is allowed one (1) day of alternative leave per year at the cost of a long-term Substitute (Licensed) OR a deduction of the forty (40) percent of the employee’s daily rate (Classified).

Licensed Classified
Alternative Leave Day-Licensed DP370 NEG Alternative Leave Day-Classified DP370B NEG
Skyward Employee Access Time Entry Tutorial Skyward Employee Access Time Entry Tutorial
Frontline (AESOP) Entry Tutorial

Alternative Leave Days are NOT full pay days. When you utilize an Alternative Leave Day:

You receive only 60% of your daily rate (Classified Only)
You are deducted the cost of a long-term substitute (Licensed Only)
when you utilize an Alternate Leave Day

**If you are absent for the same medical event (self or others) in excess of three (3) days (consecutive or non-consecutive) please contact the HR Generalist regarding FMLA.**

The information above is intended as a resource for your review. The HR Generalist is dedicated to assisting with FMLA and other leave questions. Please contact Jane Olsen at (801) 567-8249 or email her at with any questions or concerns.