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Special Education Substitutes

The average student will spend an entire school year with a substitute teacher over their K-12 experience. Substitutes are an integral part of the success of a student’s education. Although a substitute is only in a classroom for a short period of time, they are a teacher and they make a difference in the lives of students.

Special Education Schools include:

  • Kauri Sue Hamilton School (2827 W. 13400 S. Riverton, UT)
  • South Valley School (Redwood Rd. 8400 S. West Jordan, UT)
  • River's Edge School (319 W. 11000 S. South Jordan, UT)


Compensation Rates & Details

  • Must be 18 years old to apply and have a High School diploma or GED
  • On the 10th consecutive contract day of a single assignment, the daily rate is increased by $15 for a full day or $7.50 for a half day to compensate for additional time and responsibilities.
  • On the 35th consecutive contract day of a single assignment, the daily rate is increased by $50 for a full day or $25 for a half day to compensate for additional time and responsibilities.
  • The pay is direct deposit only. Paycheck stubs, as well as other personal information, can be viewed on Skyward Employee Access. Substitutes will be twice per month on the 10th and 25th.


Background Checks -  You will be notified when to visit HR for the fingerprinting. The cost of the background check is $34.00. Retired JSD teachers who return to substitute will not be required to pay for their background check. Employees who have a break in service (resignation, inactivity, etc.) longer than five days will be required to complete a new background check, as required by the FBI and BCI, and pay the associated fingerprint fee.  

Cancelled Assignments - Substitutes will be compensated for a 2 hour minimum, provided no other positions are available, for assignments that cancel 30 minutes or less prior to the start of the assignment. At the principal's discretion, subs may be asked to stay at the school for the full 2 hours. It is the sub's responsibility to check their email or other notifications before heading to the job in case the job was cancelled earlier.

Friday's (early out) - JSD will pay a full day of substitute rate if the substitute works the same amount of time that students are in school. (Usually 5+ hours).

Full Day - Begins 15 minutes before students arrive to 15 minutes after dismissal. Subs are paid a full day if they stay for the entire day, based on a 7.5 hour work day. If a sub stays for less than a full day, they receive hourly pay rate for the time after the first four hours. Subs that work at our Modified Traditional Schools will be paid extra to accommodate for the longer days.

General Procedures - For a full day absence, substitutes will be given a total of 30 minutes of "non-student time". Subs should use time before school to review lesson plans, seating charts, and locate items needed for the day. After school, subs should write a detailed note to the regular classroom teacher, straighten the classroom, return all school property and sign out in the main office before leaving school grounds. Long-term subs are required to work an additional 15 minutes before and after school to match teachers contracted hours. Long-term substitutes are compensated an additional $10/day for extra time and responsibilities.

Part-time JSD Employees - may now substitute. Must apply to become a substitute through Skyward Employee Access and may work up to 25 hours per week combined total. No more than 32 hours per week for the month.

Preparation Periods - Substitutes are expected to work according to school needs during preparation periods (including covering other classes) and be flexible to fill in where needed, without additional compensation.

Settings - In the Absence Management settings we suggest as you personalize your AESOP/Frontline, you adjust your call times to meet your needs (i.e. 5:30 AM is the standard call time for the secondary and 7:00 AM for the elementary schools). There are times we are in need of emergency subs and we cant' call if you have chosen the "Do not call me today" option. If there is a day or time frame you cannot work, then we ask you use the "Non Work Day" option. Please do not choose "Do not call me today" as a permanent option. Also keep in mind, if you limit yourself to only be called during the afternoon hours, you will not be called the morning of the absence. Those jobs are the most difficult to fill. If you have a day you are available, even if after school has started, please call the sub desk to be placed in an open job.

Contact Juli Martin for any questions you may have related to being a substitute in Jordan School District. 801-567-8219 or